Pat Sansone on the Polaroid SX-70

Pat Sansone with an awesome Polaroid SLR 680 SE (blue button), photo courtesy of The Impossible Project.

Pat Sansone, from one of my favorite bands - The Autumn Defense, and some other band called Wilco, has written an article at Aquarium Drunkard about Dr. Land's masterpiece, the Polaroid SX-70. He talks about discovering the SX-70 camera, and falling in love with the colors. He also bemoans the death of SX-70 film in 2008, and how it forced him to grow as a photographer.

It's a nice read. I'm about the same age as Mr. Sansone, so I understand what he means about being from an "in-between generation," technology-wise.

He also just closed an exhibition at The Impossible Project space for his recently published book, 100 Polaroids. Here's a nice set of pics from the opening party by Joshua J. Sarner.

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