Blogs: Fashion Gone Rogue

Hanne Bruning by Jacob Sadrak.

There are lots of fashion blogs, but my favorite is easily Fashion Gone Rogue. The photography is consistently high quality and always attributed, the updates are frequent, and you're always informed if there's nudity after the jump - in case you're surfing on the office PC.

My only complaint, and I know this is up to the contributors, is that for gearheads it would be nice if more of the photos had EXIF data. Most of them have it stripped out, or they're tearsheets. But, if you just want to look at a constant stream of excellent fashion images, you can't do much better.

Runners up:
Fashion Copious - More than just pictures.
Ben Trovato Blog - Emerging talent. Almost always NSFW and almost always contains EXIF data.
Asian Models
Calikartel - Also often NSFW. Hey, I warned you.

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