CELLYBRAIN ZINE$!, originally uploaded by cellybrain.

Hamburger Eyes has a new zine available, culled from the cellybrain Flickr account. If you don't know about cellybrain, here's the mission statement on the cellybrain Flickr profile page.

sooner or later celly phones will take the shape of brain implants which will include all the regular features of a celly phone and then some. this flickr stream "cellybrain" is an attempt make those technology companies hurry up by maxing out the features of celly phones and letting them know we need implants and we need them now.
"cellybrain" is a mission started by hamburger eyes photo magazine. "cellybrain" is a collection of celly phone photos from different celly phone photographers from all over the entire planet on a daily basis.

Want more cell phone photography? My good friend Donovan recently had a few photos selected for the National Cell Phone Photography Exhibition at the Southeastern Louisiana University Contemporary Art Gallery.

Seen at Mission Mission.

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