Beach Walk

004_R1174978, originally uploaded by infrar3d.

I took the dog for a walk yesterday, and decided to play with the GW-1 21mm lens a bit. I don't use it very often, because of the added bulk, but it's fine hanging around your neck in a half case. Nowhere near as bulky as the GT-1.

The light was really nice after the storm cleared. I had to fix a bit of distortion in this pic with Photoshop.

Amazon links:

Ricoh GW-1 21mm Wide Conversion Lens with Hood for the GR Digital & GR Digital II Cameras, Requires GH-1 Adapter for Mounting.

Adobe Photoshop CS5


Ricoh GR Digital III at BBC

Take a look at this interesting photo essay by Graham Holliday about Rwandan biogas-powered prisons at the BBC, shot entirely with a Ricoh grd3. There's also an interesting discussion about the series at DPReview.


Seen at seriouscompacts.com.


"There's a bunch of lazy-ass photographers out there"

Facing Change: Documenting America - Debbie Fleming Caffery from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

A great little interview with Louisiana photographer Debbie Fleming Caffery.

Seen at The Leica Camera Blog.

P.S. The Leica Camera Blog is one of the most interesting corporate blogs I know of, and I don't own any Leica gear.


Russell Monk's Portraits of his Neighbors

One of Russell Monk's  neighbors, Izabelle.

I'm loving this series of portraits Russell Monk is doing of his neighbors in Mexico. He's posted them to his Facebook account. They make me want to shoot some film for a change.

Seen at Lens.