Terry Richardson's Cameras

I like following Terry Richardson's Tumblr - lots of great photos, updated constantly. Sometimes a little behind-the-scenes stuff too. And he always leaves his EXIF data.

Terry is probably almost single-handedly responsible for me not being able to afford a Yashica T4 on ebay, but I think he actually traded those in quite a while back for a Nikon D3x with a Custom Brackets CB Mini-RC. He still uses point and shoots for a lot of his personal stuff though. Mostly a Ricoh GR Digital III and a Panasonic GF1.

While looking at one of his posts today about a new Katie Perry shoot he did for the current issue of Rolling Stone, I noticed that one of the published shots is actually from the GF1, not the Nikon. It's always cool to see point and shoots get published.


Eudora Welty Exhibition

004_R1173983, originally uploaded by infrar3d.

I made it to the Eudora Welty exhibition at the Pass Christian Historical Society this weekend. It was my first time there and it's a really nice facility, although a bit small for the exhibit. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The prints are great, and some the photographs themselves are truly good, although I've never thought of Eudora Welty as being in quite the same league as some of the very best WPA photographers like Dorothea Lange or Walker Evans. Of course neither Lange nor Evans won a Pulitzer Prize. Besides, who am I to argue with John Szarkowski, often quoted as saying that Eudora Welty's photographs "show us only the rarest and most evanescent truths."

It's a free show that runs till the end of July, and I highly recommend it.

It's actually three exhibits combined into one show. I didn't realize until I was there, but the photography exhibit is a show that was put together in 1995 by the Mississippi Department of Archives & History entitled Eudora Welty: Other Places. When I saw the catalog, I realized I had a personal connection to the show; a good friend of mine worked in the darkroom when the new prints were made for this show in 1995, and when they were done he made a couple of prints of one of my negatives with some of the left over materials. It was a portrait originally commissioned by Coast Magazine, and I still have a framed copy at home.


Replacement Ricoh Parts

004_R1173357, originally uploaded by infrar3d.

While sampling beers at the Top of the Hops Beer Festival, I perhaps sampled a few too many and lost the lens bayonet ring from my Ricoh GRD2. I asked around over on the Ricoh Forum, and got some advice on where I could get replacements, but they were various colors and what I really wanted was a plain black OEM ring.

Eventually, I contacted Ricoh and they told me to contact their service facility's parts department - CRIS Camera. They first sent a ring for a GRD3, but I contacted them again and they were very nice and sent the correct ring. After it was all said and done, it cost me $22.00 including shipping. Nice people to do business with.

Here's the contact info.

CRIS Camera Services
480-940-1103 (ext. 101)


Another Friday

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I went the whole week without a post. Things came up. So here's a picture of a mushroom.


It's Friday!

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Here's a Happy Friday pic of my mom's dog Maggie. It was taken with the GRD2 and the GW-1 21mm lens attachment.


Lomo Photoshop Tutorial

Just more re-blogging, so I can take another look later. This video has some nice techniques, even if you're not into the Lomo look.

Seen at Fstoppers.


My Thumb

004_R1173380, originally uploaded by infrar3d.

After a hard day's plumbing. Ricoh GR Digital II - Macro.


Photography exhibit by Lyle and Paul Bonge’

Of local interest only, there's a reception tonight for an exhibit of photography by Lyle and Paul Bonge’. Here's the info from the Sun Herald.

Photography exhibit by Lyle and Paul Bonge’ open reception: 5-7 p.m., During First Friday Art Walk in downtown Biloxi, Dusti Bonge’ Art Foundation Cottage/Gallery, 132 Rue Magnolia, Biloxi. Details: 432-7660.

Read more: http://www.sunherald.com/2011/06/02/3164511/whats-happening-june-2011-updated.html#ixzz1OEXacgrn