Terry Richardson's Cameras

I like following Terry Richardson's Tumblr - lots of great photos, updated constantly. Sometimes a little behind-the-scenes stuff too. And he always leaves his EXIF data.

Terry is probably almost single-handedly responsible for me not being able to afford a Yashica T4 on ebay, but I think he actually traded those in quite a while back for a Nikon D3x with a Custom Brackets CB Mini-RC. He still uses point and shoots for a lot of his personal stuff though. Mostly a Ricoh GR Digital III and a Panasonic GF1.

While looking at one of his posts today about a new Katie Perry shoot he did for the current issue of Rolling Stone, I noticed that one of the published shots is actually from the GF1, not the Nikon. It's always cool to see point and shoots get published.

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