The Case for a New Camera

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I've been thinking a lot lately about upgrading my D1x, which is getting pretty long in the tooth. I'm not in a huge rush, so I'm taking my time and enjoying the thought process. My gut reaction is a D700. I get to use one occasionally at work and really like it, but there are other considerations, like video and lens choices.

So I've been trying to make a list of pros and cons to help with the decision, and I've pretty much narrowed it down to three options. Here's what I have so far. I'll start with my current gear.

Current kit

And here are the three upgrade paths I'm thinking about.

Option 1 - Nikon DX - D300s, D7000 or used D2x

  • Keep: 24mm, 35mm, 50mm (but probably replace eventually with a Nikkor 55/1.2, Nikkor 5.8/1.4, Voigtlander 58/1.4, Tamron 60/2 or maybe even a Nikkor 50/1.4G)
  • Sell: 17mm, 105mm
  • Buy: Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8, Nikkor 70-210mm f/4
  • Pros: already have a backup, lighter/smaller than current kit (except D2x), video(except D2x), price, easiest transition, compatible with work gear, i love my 35/1.8
  • Cons: not full frame, D2x has no video, D7000 has no 10-pin connection

Option 2 - Nikon FX - D700

  • Keep: 17mm, 24mm, 50mm (but probably replace shortly with 50mm f/1.4G), 105mm
  • Sell: 35mm (maybe)
  • Buy: Nikkor 70-210mm f/4
  • Pros: full frame, lighter/smaller than current kit, compatible with work gear, very little buying and selling
  • Cons: price, no video, afraid I might not like the 50/1.4G as much as my 35/1.8

Option 3 - Pentax - K-7 or K-5 (the dark horse)

When I break it down like this, the camera that surprisingly makes the most sense to me is the D300s, followed by the D700. It's surprising because I really thought my next camera would be full frame. I blame the Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G for this. I like that lens enough to consider staying with DX. I'd also like to have video in my next camera.

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