Bruce Weber: Haiti/Little Haiti

Kiki Barthelemy and her son, Shamar Key, Little Haiti, Miami, Flroida 2010 by Bruce Weber.

Marina Cashdan at The Huffington Post recently interviewed Bruce Weber. It's mostly about his upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami "Haiti/Little Haiti," which is a long-term project he's been working on about the Haitian community in Miami. Lots of nice photos with the article, and a few other interesting tidbits, like this;
Jessica Lange takes really great photographs, and Jessica and I were talking about [shooting on film] and she said something really great, she said, 'You know, the great thing about using film is it can be a more intimate experience.' It's just because you're maybe not shooting as fast ... It's also easier to mess up, which is good, because then you can have a mistake which surprises you and maybe makes you think about something else.

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