Ricoh GR Digital IV coming soon?

004_1172705, originally uploaded by infrar3d.

I recently read over at the Ricoh GR-Diary that the GRD4 is coming the second half of this year. I later found out there was a long discussion about it over at DPReview. Everyone is listing what they'd like to see in the GRD4, so here's my wish list.

  • 12 megapixels at 3:2
  • faster AF
  • usable ISO to 3200
  • two distinct models - 28mm f/1.7 and 40mm f/1.7
  • black and white sensor
  • ability to use the GXR EVF, or even better...
  • a hot shoe mounted hybrid OVF

Mostly wishful thinking, but I bet we'll get the EVF and maybe image stabilization.

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