Polaroid 600 Black & White

me_dirtbag, originally uploaded by infrar3d.

I drew my Flickr icon with a mouse, in Microsoft Paint, from this Polaroid. Was this my best hair day ever?

Here's the MS Paint image. Not bad for a crappy ball mouse, although the chin got away from me a little bit.

Polaroid 600 Black & White was a great film that wasn't around very long. It was 640 ISO, but I ran it through my SX-70 Sonar since I never had an SLR 680 or 690. SX-70 cameras were made for Time-Zero film which was ISO 150. You could put a neutral density filter over the light meter on the camera, but I usually just cranked the lighten/darken knob all the way over to "darken," which resulted in this blown-out look that I like.

I really should order some Impossible Project PX film now that I've found my old SX-70 Sonar again.

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