Impossible Project "Type 55" Film

A very cryptic, but potentially very interesting, message from The Impossible Project.

we're going to make integral-size "type 55" film

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what a Type 55 integral film might look like. Type 55, and 665, were peel apart black and white pack films with a positive on one side and a reusable negative on the other side.

Notice that it reads 'type 55" in quotes. Here's a quote from the Impossible Knowledge Base.

We won't be able to produce 4x5, Type 100, or Type 80 films, as we don't have the machines. These were disassembled along with the factories that used to produce the film when Polaroid filed for Chapter 11.

So it will be SX-70 shaped I suppose. But what could it look like? Peel apart SX-70? Or maybe clear sheets on both sides of the pack? All we know is they hope to release it sometime this summer.

Seen at New55Project.

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