Cameras Ranked by Flickr Popularity

scan001, originally uploaded by infrar3d.

I was looking at my Flickr stream and thought it was interesting how my relatively few film shots seemed to filter to the top of the popularity ranking. I think that says more about the culture of Flickr, and the increasing scarcity of film photography, than it does about my pictures. But regardless, here are my top ten cameras ranked by Flickr popularity.

  1. Canon S230 (Hurricane Katrina pic)
  2. Polaroid SX-70 Sonar
  3. Koni-Omega Rapid 100
  4. Polaroid Super Shooter
  5. Nikon D1x
  6. Polaroid 180
  7. Pentax ME Super
  8. Ricoh GR Digital II
  9. Nikon D1
  10. Fuji G690BL

If I had disqualified the Katrina pics number 10 would have been the Canon SD600.

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