Pentax 67II Brochure

When I got into photography, back in the '90s, you could call or email a manufacturer and get a beautiful, four color brochure of the product you were interested in sent directly to your mailbox. They usually contained a complete illustrated list of all lenses and accessories in the system. This one even included spot meters, loupes and a copy stand. It was a great service for people that don't live in major metropolitan areas, and don't have easy access to a camera store.

A few of the manufacturers still make these available. There's a page in Nikon's FAQ about it. But I couldn't find anything at the Pentax or Ricoh websites. I didn't check anywhere else, that's what I'm interested in right now.

Anyway, I unearthed a small cache of these in my attic, and I'll be posting them as I have time to scan them. I'll even post a few unusual product manuals I found as well.

I really wanted to get into medium format in the 90s, and the Pentax 67 is one of those cameras that I've always had an interest in. I've never actually laid hands on one in person, but I've always liked their 35mm manual focus SLRs, and I think their lenses are second to none.

P67II_brochure.pdf - Sixteen pages, full color (14MB)


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