A friend just sent me this link, it's a gadget called the Roundflash and it might be awesome.
I've got a ray flash, but this thing is still intriguing.

The Ray Flash is very efficient, doesn't lose much of the flash power. But i like the larger surface area of that Roundflash. Plus it's light and packs up small. The Ray Flash is about the same price, and they're molded to your particular model of flash, not universal fit.

There aren't a lot of sample shots around yet, and I'm curious to know how many stops of light it loses. It's like a mini AlienBees Moon Unit.

Via Gizmodo.

Amazon links

Ray Flash RAN-160 Ring Flash Adapter for Nikon SB800 Portable Flash Units with Nikon D5000/D700/D300/D200/D90/D80/D70/D60/D50/D40 Digital SLR Cameras

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