Ricoh GR Digital IV released

Ricoh GRD4
The Ricoh GR Digital IV, also available in white.

Looks like the rumors were right on, Ricoh announced the GRD4 today, September 15th. Much like the last even-numbered iteration, the GRD2, this seems to be an evolutionary step, rather than revolutionary. It already appears to be taking a bit of a beating on the forums.

So let's look back at my GRD4 wish list from March and see how I did. Not too well I'm afraid.

  • 12 megapixels at 3:2
  • faster AF
  • usable ISO to 3200
  • two distinct models - 28mm f/1.7 and 40mm f/1.7
  • black and white sensor
  • ability to use the GXR EVF, or even better...
  • a hot shoe mounted hybrid OVF
Mostly wishful thinking, but I bet we'll get the EVF and maybe image stabilization.

Hmmm. 12 megapixels at 3:2? Looks like we're still stuck at 9 since it's the same sensor. Faster AF? Should be, with the added hybrid AF. That's one of the headline features. Usable ISO to 3200? We'll see. Two distinct models - 28mm f/1.7 and 40mm f/1.7, black and white sensor, a hot shoe mounted hybrid OVF? I was dreaming on these. Ability to use the GXR EVF? I really thought they'd add this. And maybe image stabilization? Well there you go, 2 out of 8. Maybe 3 depending on how the high ISO looks when it actually starts shipping. I'm a better dreamer than futurist.

Ricoh has all the specs on their site. They've also issued a press release.

As for me, if Ricoh had included at least one of my dream features, like the black and white sensor or 40mm lens, I would be very tempted. As it is, I'll probably keep shooting with my GRD2 until it quits and then upgrade to a used GRD3. Unless a really good deal falls in my lap.

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