Polaroid AutoProcessor 35mm manual

Another manual from my formerly vast Polaroid archives. I don't have my AutoProcessor anymore, but it's not a big loss since I was never able to procure any film for it. The AutoProcessor was used to process Polapan and Polachrome 35mm "instant" films. According to The Land List they used the same chemistry as the earlier, ill-fated Polavision movie system.

This one doesn't have any cool illustrations like the Polavision manual but hey, it is what it is. Enjoy!

Wikipedia has a bit of information about this system on their Polavision page.

Polaroid_35mm_AutoProcessor_manual.pdf - eight pages (1.8MB)


  1. Thanks man, been looking everywhere for this! :)

  2. Where can you get the chemicals for this?

    1. The chemicals come in the box with each roll of film, and it's long out of production. There are usually a few rolls on ebay. Do a search for Polapan, Polachrome, Polagraph or the really weird Polablue. Good luck!