Damon Winter on Cell Phone Photography

A lot of photojournalists are upset that Damon Winter took third place at Pictures of the Year International with his series "A Grunt's Life." Mr. Winter shot the series on his iPhone using the Hipstamatic app.

I find the argument that it's not photojournalism if it's not shot with a dSLR in RAW ridiculous. I'm sure there were similar arguments made about "miniature" photography by the old 4x5 Speed Graphic shooters. And until PJs stop converting everything to black and white I don't want to hear the complaints about "toning" keeping things "closer to reality." It all sounds like fear of lowering the barrier to entry.

But Damon Winter doesn't need anyone to defend him. He's written a very eloquent statement staking out his position, and you can read it at The New York Times' LENS blog.

And if you'd like to see the entire photo series, they have that as well.

Seen at Stereoscopic Magic.

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