ebay Find: Polaroid 180 NiB

Take a good look, you'll probably never see another 180 this nice.

Could this be the last new-in-box Polaroid 180? They went out of production in 1969, so it's quite possible. They're fantastic pack film cameras. I have one myself, albeit in considerably worse shape than this one. It's still possible to find a lightly used example with the full kit and case occasionally. I found my 360 at a thrift store in a case like this, with all the extras.

Bidding started on this one at $5 bucks and is already over $100 with more than 5 days to go. It'll be interesting to see what it fetches.

Update: $710. Which isn't cheap, but I honestly thought it would bring a little more.

Seen at New55Project.
Production info courtesy of The Land List.

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